Updates: 2020-01-27: Changes and Fixes

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Mon Jan 27, 2020 7:42 pm


Patch: 0032 change-log:
  • CD time for Health assistance skill decreased to 200seconds
  • Sprinter Skill (Ranger/Assassins skill) provides as additional +7 to all stats and Increases the Movement Speed
  • Goddess Costume Lv50-53 added to Shop Mall (at people request)
  • OP's rates decreased from GRB mobs to 5>3%
  • Linking Rate decreased for Lapis Lv6, Helmet Lapis Lv2 and Accesories Lapis from 36% to 25% with OP's and with LH7 from 10% to 7%
  • Nostrum and Remedy Potions 7days increased price from 150SP to 200SP
  • Blocked Multiple Task's for FFA Map and Football Stadium Events (You won't be able anymore to use multiple accounts inside that maps)

Remember to Run Updater.exe Thanks for reading, have fun!

That's all for now, let me know if you find any issues.
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