Updates: 2020-02-01: Changes and Fixes

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Sat Feb 01, 2020 5:44 pm


Patch: 0036 change-log:
  • Absorption Lapis Lv6 (increased linking chance from 25% to 36% using OP)
  • Fixed Weapon Skin Chest (players who opened chest and received nothing, Contact Us so we can track the logs in order to refund you chest back)
  • New Shop Mall section added "Build your own set" link
  • Tiered Spender for February released! link
  • FFA Time adjusted +1 hour
  • GRB Time adjusted +1 hour
  • Football Time adjusted +1 hour
  • Goddess Battle Zone Time adjusted +1 hour

Remember to Run Updater.exe Thanks for reading, have fun!

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