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Mon Jan 27, 2020 6:48 pm

There are words that server will have only 1 FFA / 1 Naked per month.

After being up for 3 weeks and having 2 FFA / 2 Naked to begin with meaning people already reached 1 million kills that is 310 stats.

Thats not how you control a server FFA/NAKED needs to be balanced since start u cant change them after server release if they become once per month no new player will join the server, they will be -400 stats compared to players who started since first day. Leave FFA/NAKED how it is or server will not get any new players.

With naked/ffa once a month new players will take 2-3 months to get 1mil kills while over 200 people will have them.

You really think people will join server where 200 people have 400 stats more than them?
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Mon Jan 27, 2020 7:28 pm

I do agree on this , new players won't join the server knowing the huge gap there is between players who got 1naked/ffa xweek and the ones joining from now on ( and wont be able to rank as fast as they did since 1naked/ffa x month ). I made some ppl join the server yday but they were a bit in doubt if to keep playing or not since the ''1naked/ffa x month '' 's new , therefor i hope no changes will be made cz this is going to penalize new players
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Mon Jan 27, 2020 8:56 pm

I think you should had considered the outcome as soon as you launched the server, changing it midway/almost 1 month after is simply just not the way to go at it in all honesty.

This is a huge penalty for new players unless you plan/have a plan on bringing them up to current kills in one way or another?

I would suggest you keep the FFA/naked per week, not sure if it's possible but make new accounts/toons pop with a rune that multiplies their kills for those just so they can catch up a little?

You'd obviously need to discuss a plan and see what to do in these circumstances but removing these events is simply not the way.

ALSO: Making all accesory lapises 25% to link when most people already struggle/play with clean regnums is not a good idea as well.. I would say at least the basic ones(7str/6dex etc stated ones) to be 50% or even free so people can at least link them in regnums until they get canyon accesorries.

You're giving penalty to new players yet again with this change you've done.

Long story short: Bring back FFA, give new toons/players a BFR x10 and possibly make kills x5 for rest if you want to keep the kills down? Or is the problem dual loggers because if it's that then you've already fixed it by saying people will not be able to log more than 1 account/toon in those zones so please revert some of these changes.
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