Some more quality changes

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Mon Jan 20, 2020 10:50 am

- Remove global CD from all skills with no cooldown: big quality of life improvement, also most people already have this by using external programs and it's too hard to prove my recording, so let's just put everyone on the same level there

- Make dispel range 30m: Matches every other healer skill range, imo it's big quality of life and removes some of the clunkiness this game has, I know some healers disagree so maybe make a poll for it.

- Make Halt kick and stun crash deal basic atk damage: ranger/assassin is plain useless as it is now.

- Make abs 6 drop from another boss too: in an economy where everything is becoming rather easy to obtain, abs 6 is the only really rare item which you rarely even see in board. Ice Dragon is the best boss to put 2 of them on in my opinion.

- Move ffa time from 14 to 15: people from EU who work in Saturday miss the only ffa occasion. It's also very early for people in NA.

-Move naked from 15 to 16: same reason.

- Reduce etain pots cost to 50sp: plain useless as they are right now.
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Mon Jan 20, 2020 2:17 pm

Only thing I agree with is moving FFA/naked time to 15:00 PM since that way even more people can attend these events.
Removing global CD will have negative impact on some classes(being able to spam some skills a lot more faster than they should).
Making dispel 30m will just help out healers without a reason, they just need to chase their tab more than just trying to leech and sit behind.

I don't really disagree or agree with abs6 change, I don't mind it but you might want to consider putting it on wheel loot?
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