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Sat May 09, 2020 8:06 am

I feel like this is much like real shaiya, the drops bags for coins are nice, but a lot of the useless items dont need to be here, set a universal enchant, take away the item break for failing a link or enhancing at least until 17-20 (maybe if at all) more items in web mall could be set for regular gold, while the idea of pay to win is nice, the items in the web mall arent all that, lapis drops take way too long, while lapis 6 is easy it could still be available for purchase for gold 2-5m? lucky charms are too much, its a private server, if i wanted os i would play os. it just feels way too grindy, tryng to pvp, not grind for 2-3 week just trying to link my gear without breaking.
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